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Why is a TC a TC?

Standards that define a TC

1. The whole community meets regularly

2. All community members work alongside each other on day to day tasks

3. All community members share social time together

4. All community members share meals together

5. Community members take a variety of roles and levels of responsibility

6. Informal aspects of everyday living are integral to the work of the community

7. All community members can discuss any aspects of life within the community

8. All community members regularly examine their attitudes and feelings towards each other

9. All community members share responsibility for each other

10. All community members create an emotionally safe environment for the work of the community

11. All community members participate in the process of appointment of potential new staff members

12. All community members participate in the process of deciding whether a new client member joins the community

13. The whole community is involved in the decisions about the plans for a client member when he or she leaves the community

14. There is a greater tolerance of disturbed behaviour and emotional expression than in other settings

15. Positive risk taking is seen as an essential part of the process of change

16. The therapeutic community has a clear set of boundaries, limits or rules which are understood by all members

Para más información: Foro sobre Comunidades Terapéuticas

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jabibi dijo...

TC or not TC, that is the question.

The question is that would be great to work in that kind of theoretical environment for any involved professional, but the reality as it is in our public services is that most of professionals who are appointed to work in CTs, would not have to accept and practice those communitarian and therapeutic principles, they just have to get through by a burocratic process.

Cómo se me nota que trabajo a vista de pájaro de gibraltar, a que parezco un llanito!